Final presentation

Here is our final overall presentation:



User interface prototype (revised version)

Below you can see the screens of the revised version of our user interface prototype. We focused on the learning part of our protoype.

avaekraan märkide_rühmad märgirühma_sisevaade täpsem_otsing searchresults_new peatee Peatee lõpp anna teed pärisuuna eesõigus peatu ja anna teed vastassuuna eesõigus Animation view 2

The user interface prototype (First version)

We created the first version of user interface prototype for Traffic Signs mobile application by using the tool Pencil.

We changed some details according to the feedback received during the testing sessions.

Here are the most important screens of three testing tasks:

openingscreensigncategoriessignslistSingle sign viewAnimation viewadvanced research byadvanced research without kayboard  searchresults

Testing paper prototype

Here is the outcome of our paper prototype testing sessions:


Paper prototyping session

For our paper prototype, we created simple and easy to use prototype. Later on we also used application called POP, to make it even more easy to use.

20150314_130550 20150313_132958 20150313_140441

Testing tasks

Task No 1
You have got a assignment for the driving school: for the next lesson, you have to learn all the signs concerning parking and stopping. Open the relevant sign category and take a look at all the signs presented in this group and look for explanations.

Task No 2
During your driving lesson you did not know the meaning of one sign, but you can remember how it looked like. Search for a rectangular sign which has white arrow on blue background. You can use as many keywords as you like.

Task No 3
Your driving teacher scolded you in the driving lesson: you stopped in a wrong place at an intersection which had a stop-sign but no stop-line. Find an animation which shows where to stop at such an intersection.

User stories

The user stories of the Traffic Signs Project can be found here:
Most likely we did not get them all figured out but we will make it up during the next tasks, as the things will get more clear.