Scenario 4 – “Doubts about signs during a walk in the city center”

Alexander has just arrived in Tallinn for the new job, now he has to use the car everyday to go to work in the suburbs of the city and also take his youngest son back from school. He is a little bit worried because doesn’t remind the meanings of all traffic signs. Today is sunday and he is going to shopping and visiting the city center with the family. Alexander bumps into some signs that he doesn’t remind the meaning both as pedestrian and driver: in the city center and sees the “no standing” sign remembering that there is another similar one that forbids something different. He is now self-conscious that he needs a revision but he doesn’t want to pay for private lessons and doesn’t have a lot of time because he has a very busy month at work.

Now he is thinking that maybe an app should be useful for his needs. In particular, an application were is possible to have a clear and short description and a testing section too in order to control his improvements, and – first of all – a way of searching that put the links of similar signs on the bottom of the page: in this way he would be more able to distinguish them.

Once back at home he downloads the suitable app, which works also offline, he can simply discover the differences between the “no standing” and “no stopping”. Now he is able to remember what he can do and what he cannot do also in other situations. He starts the testing part too reaching the fourth level with 2 lives (symbolized by two hearts) and only one mistake. After each mistake he does a simple animation (gif.) of the present situation appears on the screen. He feels now more relaxed and less concerned about, at least, the main signs. He closes the app and goes to bed.


Questions about the scenario:

  1. Is this scenario realistic?
  2. What would you add in the description?
  3. Is the idea to link similar signs good or it could be also somehow confusing?
  4. Do you think the gamification in the testing part could be useful in a psycological and symbolic way (no more hearts-you lose-you have to revise otherwise you would “die” again)?
  5. Would you suggest other ideas, instead of gamification, to keep the user using the app?


5 thoughts on “Scenario 4 – “Doubts about signs during a walk in the city center”

  1. kadri-maria says:

    I think linking similar signs is a good idea, since having them in different sections with no special comments makes their differences even less distinguishable.

    Gamification is definitely a good idea. I personally would not add the chance of failure (losing “lives”), but rather only reward accomplishments. Otherwise it could be that the user gets discouraged upon failure in quizzes (I’m not sure about the general psychology, but that is my assumption).


  2. katersh says:

    That scenario dents seem so realistic, why this person decided to download an append not just googled the difference. But I like gamification part 🙂


    • Dorothy says:

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  3. Scenario seems to be pretty realistic. Description could explain why Alexander have forgotten or doesn’t know the signs (he haven’t been driving for a longer time or he came from some part of the world, where signs are different).

    Similar signs idea is ok. Signs could also have some tags like “parking”, “speed limits”, “turning” so user could learn more about related not just similar signs.

    Hard to say about gamification elements. Maybe app could have some kind of daily “tip of the day” notification?


  4. The testing part of the scenario is interesting. If you plan to include some simple game-based self-tests, then it probably makes sence to have a separate scenario that focuses on the game activities.


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