User interface prototype (revised version)

Below you can see the screens of the revised version of our user interface prototype. We focused on the learning part of our protoype.

avaekraan märkide_rühmad märgirühma_sisevaade täpsem_otsing searchresults_new peatee Peatee lõpp anna teed pärisuuna eesõigus peatu ja anna teed vastassuuna eesõigus Animation view 2


4 thoughts on “User interface prototype (revised version)

  1. Hello again, since I also tested your app in class I decided to review your prototype.

    I think that the prototype is clear and easy to use and understand. The fact that search button is always on top available is really good. Also search options based on color and shape of the sign are really cool and useful. colors and fonts were clear and well contrasted.

    Only one point, the “testi” sections color is same as background. it gives the feeling that we are always in “testi”(like in second image). maybe it is better to change that to some other color and when we are in a particular tab, then it turns to that gray color same color as the content.

    Some qiestions:
    -do colors carry a meaning in your prototype? why orange and blue?
    -when i am in the page of one sign, lets say the stop sign in the image above, how can i get to the first page? by clicking on the logo?


    • Jaanika says:

      Thank you for your comments, Marie!
      As to your questions: the colours – white, blue and orange – are the corporate colours of our potential customer, their website and e-learning enviroment use the same colours.
      Yes, you thought right about the navigation – the logo in the upper left corner would always take you to the opening page.


  2. xorava01 says:

    in general I like this prototype. I look like that this application will be easy to use. But there is few detail which i want refer.
    According to what you sort item in list with warning sign?
    I think than on the application for touch devices is not necessary have to sliding button.
    I prefer if application have own back button, I don’t like use the android hardware button.
    I like searching in this application. I think for me it will be most frequent use. It will be nice have search by mobile camera 🙂
    In animation screen, I would like have time line for know how long is this animation and for jumping back if I miss something in a animation.
    I don’t understand the menu on the top (Learn,Test,Play), if I understand correctly, all this screenshot is from Learning part? Maybe it will be nice have some title which will inform about in which part of application user is.
    Best regard


  3. Reigo Kimmel says:

    Here’s my feedback for your prototype:

    – it is simple and clear and easy to understand.
    – as I understand it is ment for (from the added logo). I saw that they already have one mobile app “Liiklustestid”: (5-10 000 downloads)
    – from design part I think the button/text “animatsioon” is bit complicated, specially for children. Maybe you can replace it with some picture and play button?
    – i think it would be fun to use some traffic signs as error marks or go forward marks. For example if the front page would have “Õpi”, “Mängi” buttons designed like traffic signs. Also you could use traffic signs to exit the game.

    Overall looks good, hope you manage to get it up someday;)


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